Phish - Tweezer (segment), Randall’s Island 7/13/14

You go see dozens, hundreds of shows from hundreds of artists and bands and you love them all. 

Sometimes, however, you catch something extraordinary. Something you didn’t know you were chasing until you heard it. 

I had one of those moments during this 4 minute segment a few weeks ago on Randall’s (this segment came at the end of a continuous 50 minute flowing extraordinary segment of music - this was the denouement, if you will). A band totally locked in, each instrument cruising, beautiful soaring music in a outdoor setting with friends, while looking up at the sky. I was high - on the setting: I was away that weekend and had to travel back for the show, which was effort; a friend at a late moment decided to join me; we ran into another friend there at the show; we ran into someone else who invited us to the beer tent; it didnt rain and it was supposed to; etc.

It was perfect.

Shabazz Palaces - Forerunner Foray

I was out too late last night (for me), though I went to a gig in a living room, had one too many glasses of wine that came in a box (that would be 2 of them), couldn’t sleep when I got home (head buzzing), then up early (worrying about a busy day). Cascading series of events. 

Made a cup of coffee from George Howell Coffee (their mission: “to seek out the best coffees on Earth” I am down with that) and tried to find something to clear the head.

I recalled seeing on twitter yesterday that a  music journalist I follow said that the new Shabazz Palaces’ record may be the best record of the year. It’s damn good.