As I grew into writing professionally, mostly, mothering amateurly—all my mind was taken with those things. I barely remember life before most days. Took the kids to a playground with Uncle JR, that back a decade ago we used to skate, poorly, and talk about Mobb Deep and big plans and our bad haircuts would waft in the breeze. Nostalgia has become such a stasis; I don’t like looking back. Sometimes I thought I should up and delete all of this as a way of reconciling who I am with who I have been. Weird shame of what I put up on this internet like a hangover into adult life. Confronting what I regret. Confronting what years of hard freelance hustle have done to or for my writing. But instead, I have to—choose to—come back and comb and say it’s worth something. It’s better and worse than I thought. I had a lot I wanted to prove to the world then, I was eager to dazzle and high on confidence that I could. Some of my best work is here and often I hardly recognize the girl that wrote it.

Jessica Hopper on having a web archive, as one gets older

tinyluckygenius aka the Unicorn’s tear: “YOU SHOULD MAKE A BOOK”

Sleep - The Clarity

3 reasons one should listen to this song, the new track from epic riffmasters Sleep:

1.  The Soundcloud comment at 0;26: “arrives the behemoth. massive” 

2. NPR’s description of the band: “It’s been 20 years since the stoner-metal caravan Sleep wrote Dopesmoker, a 63-minute track based on a single riff and dedicated to the mighty spliff.”

3. the tag “RIFF”

Dub Club - Meaning of Dub

There was kid in college who lived down the hall from me and listened to nothing but dub, all day and usually all night. He had 4 foot tall speakers, the best stereo equipment in a handmade cabinet, and a 6 foot tall bong. He would hitchhike into NYC to meet friends and then come back with a stack full of dub vinyl. I often wonder what became of him.