Dub Club - Meaning of Dub

There was kid in college who lived down the hall from me and listened to nothing but dub, all day and usually all night. He had 4 foot tall speakers, the best stereo equipment in a handmade cabinet, and a 6 foot tall bong. He would hitchhike into NYC to meet friends and then come back with a stack full of dub vinyl. I often wonder what became of him.

Phish - Light (7/13/14)

Yesterday was a long day, it started at 6am and ended around 1am this morning when I finally got home. The last 6 hours were spent in and around Randall’s Island for the last of 3 weekend shows by Phish. There is something special about seeing a band in an outdoor, urban area. Randall’s Island is directly under the onramp to the Triboro bridge heading east out of NYC. And to the west of the island is the east river and 125th street. There is very little parking which means most people arrived by foot (over the bridge), ferries or buses. This was a public transport type of event. You could not therefore forget where you were for the shows.

Walking into the field you are greeted by a sign - “Welcome To Our Joy”

Little details matter. Like the water refilling stations. The food trucks.

NY shows are like reunions - you run into people you know all over the place, left and right.  And I was tired and probably didn’t want to go if I thought hard about it. But I didn’t, and in that tiredness saw this band throw down the best show I’ve ever seen. Long, exploratory, improvisational music, for 3 hours. By the early part of the second set - when they played this song - most people we were standing around with knew we were seeing something special.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy - I See A Darkness (Live on KEXP)

Another stunning BPB performance. The changes he makes here - in rhythm and phrasing - are subtle, yet meaningful. Or maybe I am just so obsessive to have listened to every version of this fucking song too many times