Ryley Walker - Blessings

Ryley Walker’s debut record, All Kinds Of You, came out yesterday, and it is as good and expansive as I anticipated. This guy channels some deep spiritual music, obvious references are Bert Jansch and Nick Drake, but he also goes deeper and spacier at times. Just a wonderful record. 

His success has been completely due to the leveling of distribution with the Internet. Because those barriers have been broken down, online sales have been amazing. His first album was a free download and everything since then has been focused on the digital side of things. All of our media primarily focuses on the digital. It’s that social profile… releasing things digitally, through Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (though that has kind of dwindled). These barriers are broken down due to the Internet. It’s not fixated on retail; it’s not fixated on major labels. Because of that, an artist like Sonny can accelerate this rapidly. Multiple Grammy nominations in two years or less! No marketing, no push at all, just connections with fans in a true way.
Tim Smith, on Skrillex

a wonderful, beautiful song   


A fine Saturday morning in NYC. The Sun is shining and it is warm outside at last. So it is appropriate to post a song about enjoying the night and thinking about nothing else until the morning of the next day. This is “Till the Morning Comes” from the first of three shows at Legion Stadium in El Monte, California on December 26, 1970. 

Till the Morning was released on American Beauty and it may be the only example where the studio version was better than the live versions. Lots of key changes and vocal challenges in this one would lead to some less than perfect performances. Perhaps that is why it was played live only 5 times… this being the last one. Regardless I always really liked this song.

The lyrics in Till the Morning written by Robert Hunter are actually fantastic, although short. You can read them here as you listen.

Hope you all enjoy this dose of classic dead off of one of the greatest albums of all time.

"When the shadows grow, it’ll do you fine. When the cold winds blow, it’ll ease your mind. The shape it takes could be yours to choose. What you may win, what you may lose.”

You look up to your heroes and you shouldn’t be intimidated by them; you should be inspired by them. Don’t look up at the poster on your wall and think, “Fuck, I can never do that.” Look at the poster on your wall and think, “Fuck, I’m going to do that!”
Dave Grohl